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Create and restore drive image with Clonezilla



Today we want to create a drive image with the help of Clonezilla, an open source clone and restore tool. To clone a hard drive is useful if you want to create a backup or some kind of snapshot of the current state of a hard drive.

To start we download the live CD from the Clonezilla website at

Next we have several options to create a start up disk or flash drive. These options are described here (in Section 2):

I went with the Tuxboot option and a USB drive.

Next I followed the very detailed howto on the Clonezilla website to save a hard drive as an image. I didn’t want to copy all the steps in this howto, because there aren’t any points which I would change. Here is the link:

If you want to restore a hard drive image you can follow this guide here:

With this post I just wanted to share a good disk drive cloning tool, which served my needs perfectly.

Thanks for reading.




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