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Cisco SG200-08 and NFS


Today I want to tell you a little story about the Cisco SG200-08 8 Port switch and mounting a NFS share. I bought a Cisco ISA550W router lately, configured it and I thought it could be a good idea to upgrade the firmware of all switches and other devices I have at home. So I did this too with the SG200-08 switch. I upgraded from to the firmware. Everything went well but the next day I wanted to mount a NFS share from my server and it hanged after executing the mount command. Then the debug journey began…

I double checked everything on the new ISA550W but the failure wasn’t there. Then I checked the whole NFS configuration and thought it could also be the newly installed bind9 DNS server. After a configuration ping pong between all three devices I started with the process of elimination. I first connected the laptop directly with the server. (No switch and no router) Then it worked. And I did that till I found out that the SG200-08 Cisco switch is causing the problem. The small googling session afterwards told me that the new firmware was causing the problem and a workaround is to downgrade to the firmware. ( So I did that and tada it worked again.

It is quite disappointed of Cisco to release such a broken firmware. Now I hope the ISA550W is doing it’s job well  😉

Maybe this post helps someone out there don’t spend hours of debugging like I did  (6)




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