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Logon credentials issue after Windows 8 upgraded to 8.1

When setting up Windows 8 I decided to create a local user, I’m not a big fan of the live ID. The live ID is mandatory for the store, but if you don’t use the store the live id is mostly useless. Microsoft really does not need to know everything, we have Google for this.

Anyway, after upgrading to Windows 8.1 I was a bit surprised that I had to log on to my Windows with my live ID again. And surprisingly I was not able to change back to my locally created user. This was an absolute no go and after some search I found a work around from a member of the technet. Follow this procedure to disconnect from your windows live id to get back onto your local account:

  1. Move your mouse to the upper right corner, click on settings, then change PC settings
  2. Select accounts in the left menu
  3. Below your windows live account click disconnect

This opens a box giving you the opportunity to log on to your local account again.

If you don’t have upgraded yet you can avoid this from happening by unplugging your network connection. Also you have the opportunity to create a local user when setting up windows 8.1 from scratch.



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