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For more information please have a look at the Github project here: Here you see the readme of the Github project:


Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA based key bindings for the Atom editor.

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As a power IntelliJ IDEA user I am used to the key bindings for years and therefore I created this package to be able to use the same bindings in the Atom editor too. I hope you can also make use of it and contributions/feedbacks are welcome.


The intellij-idea-keymap package has the following features:

  • Basic key bindings of IntelliJ IDEA are mapped to core commands in Atom for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux
  • If you want to format the code automatically you can install the atom-beautify package and then use the cmd-alt-l shortcut to format code in the active editor.


To install the package please execute the following command in a terminal:

If the apm command is not recognized then please open Atom, open the Atom menu, and select Install Shell Commands. Then try it again.


Please have a look at the changelog here.


If you want to add more shortcuts or any other feature please create a pull request and I will try my best to review and merge it. Contributing is highly appreciated! Thanks in advance.



This intellij-idea-keymap package is available under the MIT license.

(c) Guy Brand

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