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Get latest master changes of a Bower dependency

On my side project ion-autocomplete I sometimes tell the people which have reported an issue to use the lastest changes such that they are able to test the issue before I do a release. This way they can test it beforehand instead of doing a release and if it didn't work do another release. So now to the code: To get the latest changes of a Bower dependency you can use the following notation: In this example we get the latest  changes of the specified GIT repository. For each dependency you always need to know its GIT repository to use this notation. Do not forget the quotes around the URL, as these are needed. You can also get a specific commit in the repository like this: Here you can add the commit SHA after the hash sign. You can also add another branch. For this just add the branch name after the hash sign. I hope this post is useful for some of you. Thanks for reading and have a nice...