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Install SSH in Ubuntu 13.04

  This is the first post in the infrastructure category. I have a Ubuntu 13.04 server at home on which several applications, for development etc., are installed. I want to share my learned experience and write blog posts about the main things I've installed and configured on my server. Today I want to show you how to install and configure the SSH daemon in Ubuntu.   Install and configure the basic SSH daemon 1. First install the SSH daemon and edit the sshd_config file on the server with the following commands: And change the following properties: The properties which you need to change are the following: Port: The port where the SSH daemon is listening. For security reasons it's always good to change the default port to something else than 22. Protocol: Always check if you are running the daemon on the newer SSH protocol. PermitRootLogin: It's safe to disable the login as root user. AllowUsers: This property sets the usernames which are able to connect to to SSH daemon. You don't need to set this property but it's once again a measure to increase security. 2. Restart the SSH daemon on the server with the following commands: 3. Check if you are able to login to your server over SSH on your client machine: (you need to install the openssh-clients package on your machine) You need to replace the {IP-OF-SERVER} with the server's IP, the {USERNAME} with the username you want to connect with, and the {PORT} with the above defined port. If everything works you should be able to connect to your server over SSH. The...